Dear Health-Savvy Friend,

What if you made the tiniest improvement in something you do more than 100 million times in your lifetime?

Everyone breathes, but very few of us do it right. The last time you breathed properly was probably at birth. And by the time you reached adulthood, your inability to breathe correctly compromised your physical, emotional and mental health. And yes, even your sexual performance.                               

Research literature continues to compile case after case, documenting how breathing techniques could not only prevent illness - but reverse and even treat diseases.        

You're probably thinking now, with a little skepticism. How on earth can something so simple and basic to life be so powerful, with such profound effects?               
This simple but powerful something is for real. And it's called Healing with Ki-Kou: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing Techniques.
Every Ki-Kou lesson begins with a simple warm-up called Chi-Shi. Here you'll learn the secrets of how to breathe properly while calming your mind. In a comfortable sitting position while gently and slowly moving your hands and legs. This is where you'll discover how to gently press or massage your pressure points.
So imagine... 
Having the ability to treat cancer, colds, viruses, ulcers, heart disease, arthritis, impotence, and discomforts from menopause - simply by breathing.      
Breathing techniques are now playing an enormous role in medicine today. And finding skeptics is definitely getting harder and harder. Probably due to the mounting research and evidence, confirmed by major medical journals around the world.

Here's why...

Breathing plays a major role in alleviating depression

The two most common emotion-related illnesses are anxiety and depression. And breathing is the fastest and most effective way to protect your mental and emotional well-being - within minutes!                         
Now. You have two choices here.

Take anti-depressants, which can cause headaches, increased anxiety, nausea, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, impaired memory and addiction.               
Learn two easy-to-follow breathing techniques that combine rhythmic movements of the arms and legs to help you conquer fatigue and emotional distress (p.99).
Learn how combining simple hand and arm movements, proper breathing techniques, and gentle chewing motions could help you kiss anxiety and insomnia goodbye forever (p. 128).     
Melt disease causing stress from your body with healthy breathing while standing or sitting, combined with simple reaching motions (p.66).     

Bring your disease process to its knees – simply by breathing!

The majority of Western society is walking around barely breathing. Not even noticing how they're holding their breath while exercising, eating, and yes - even talking. As you breathe, the oxygen inhaled purifies your blood by removing waste products and poisonous gasses, like carbon dioxide.                              
Irregular breathing will severely limit this process that plays a critical role in your circulatory and respiratory systems. Your heart and lungs need to work harder. Your digestion then becomes irregular. And the faster you breathe, the less you live.                         
This is a major contributor to anxiety, increased stress, and the beginning of the disease process. Leaving all of your organs, tissues, and cells malnourished and deprived of oxygen. All 75 trillion of them.

Imagine banishing headaches, nervousness, stiffness and pain as easily as you take a breath. And imagine harnessing the most powerful force in your body, channelling it, and using it to heal yourself from within.   
Yes, it's that basic and simple.

But first, let me explain a little history along with Healing with Ki-Kou: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing Techniques. References to breathing can be traced as far back to the Book of Genesis. And thousands of years ago, ancient India was one of the leading healthy nations on earth. Their King, Priyardarsin, ordered equal numbers of medical and breathing doctor's at all public dispensaries. He said:

'The complaints which medicine will not correct, proper breathing exercises will cure.'
Today, I'm introducing these life-transforming Chinese breathing techniques. Never before seen in the Western World, and virtually unknown in this country. This ancient manuscript of Ki-Kou has recently been translated. You'll find it easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow, and beautifully illustrated.                            
You'll also be glad to learn how...     

Skin conditions and diseases could vanish in days - without drugs!

We'll give you techniques to banish two of the most common skin diseases by breathing, massaging a secret pressure point above your naval, and sitting comfortably (p. 108).

Learn how you can bring hair loss to a quick halt with easy leg movements, gentle hand motions, and your breathing techniques (p. 111).
Discover how to diminish your wrinkles and darken greying hair - just inhale and exhale deeply and slowly while seated, and press your san-in-kou pressure points.
Yes my friend, it's that easy. The secret to a healthy life has been under your nose all the time. The wisdom of the ancients has been telling us that for over four thousand years.

  Yes! I want to learn the secret
Ki-Kou Breathing tecniques.


But that's just part of the story...

The earliest known documents written about medicine are found in the 'Nei Ching.' An extensively detailed medical manual written about 4,600 years ago. It explains all treatment methods for a wide range of ailments and diseases. And has been used for thousands of years as the foundation for acupuncture and breathing techniques.                                     
The author of Healing with Ki-Kou: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing Techniques is Dr. Li Xiuling. She is a Traditional Chinese Doctor whose ancestors have been practising medicine for the last 800 years.
She was educated by her family in Chinese traditional and herbal medicine, and 'chi.' Which is the vital energy force of all life. And for the first time, Dr. Li has recorded this system of secret breathing techniques, known as Ki-Kou. A system handed down through hundreds of generations of healers.            
And there's more...   
No more worrying about cataracts robbing your independence, these easy-to-follow techniques are done either sitting or standing. Just breathe your chi down to your feet and massage a pressure point between your eyebrows and above your naval (p.117).    
Or if you have paralysis due to a Stroke or TIA, just follow the simple breathing steps and help massage it away. With two easy-to-reach pressure points on your head and foot. And claim back your independence (p. 131).  
Eliminate Hypertension and Low Blood Pressure simply by breathing deeply while massaging your 'Ki-Kai' pressure point (p. 102).  
Say goodbye to Obesity, while increasing your appetite and firming up your stomach while simply breathing, sitting comfortably, and gently massaging two secret pressure points (p. 92).  
Reverse or treat Diabetes - amazingly with gentle rocking motions, and you guessed it, simple breathing techniques (p. 90).   
But don't worry... 

Understanding eastern philosophy or medicine is not required

Simply put...Chi, Qi, or Prana are just a few names for your life force energy. It's a tangible substance and is the basic energy that supports all life. This fixed amount of life energy travels through your body along pathways known as meridians. The specific places where they reach your skin surface are called 'acupuncture points.'                                        
Healing with Ki-Kou refers to these as 'pressure points'. In each simple illustration you'll learn exactly where these specific, but easy-to-reach, pressure points are located. All you do is apply gentle pressure or massaging motions with your fingers - while doing your breathing techniques.                             
To begin, you'll learn how Ki-Kou allows you to relax your mind and body. So your healing energy will be able to flow freely throughout your body. You could not only become more aware of the powerful connection between your mind and body. But discover first-hand how your overall health, well-being, and quality of life improves.

Read what a few of our grateful readers had to say

I have enjoyed reading your book and it has helped keep me healthy and free from illness. I wouldn't be without it. I am 86 years old, and I live alone. I gave my original copy to my granddaughter as a wedding present.
Genevieve B. Lally

Being a professional in the allied healthcare field, I always stressed to my patients how important breathing techniques are. I had no idea how miraculous it is at curing so many ailments until now. I suffer from chronic fatigue, stress, and anxiety attacks. Within days of using your book, I finally found relief for the first time in two years. Two weeks after that, I've been able to decrease my meds down to a bare minimum. Thanks for the wonderful gift.
Jayme Allen K.

I've had severe low back pain and gout for over ten years now. As well versed as I am in traditional Chinese medicine, I had no idea that breathing techniques were so ancient and powerful. I just found out first hand just how healing these techniques are, especially when combined with acupressure points. But just after 5 days, I finally got relief from the pain. As far as my gout, I have not had a flare up in over four months. Your book has been a Godsend to me, and I took a copy with me and left it at my pain management clinic. I hope the doctor's there read it.
Jeffrey James

  Yes! I want to learn the secret
Ki-Kou Breathing tecniques.


But there's even more...

Every Ki-Kou session ends with a simple cool-down called Shu-Kon. Once again you'll be calming your mind and breathing fresh chi (your life force energy), in and out of your body. It's easy, simple to understand, and yes - it's even fun to do. Nothing like the regimented and exhausting exercise programs you’re familiar with. Or the strict time consuming Yoga therapies - where you literally have to be a contortionist. Or pretend to be mystical, in order to fit in.
You'll also be glad to know how focused breathing can...

Healing with Ki-Kou: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing Techniques...

Is translated into a simple and practical programme. Using simple, but powerful techniques, done in the privacy of your own home. In just a few minutes a day, you could wipe out illness and disease from your life forever.
These ancient techniques have been used and proven over thousands of years. And now you can have these secret methods right at your fingertips.          

Still wondering how Ki-Kou works?

Let me tell you more... Ki-Kou teaches you how to relax your mind and body. As you relax, you will feel yourself become calmer and calmer. When you're completely at peace, your healing energy (chi) will be able to flow freely throughout your body. This is where you'll assume the specific postures to relieve your tension and stress.                                      
At this point you'll be ready to use the secret Ki-Kou breathing techniques. To heal the parts of your body that need treatment. Just by breathing, simple postures, gentle rocking motions, and slow arm and leg movements. It's all about simplicity. You're simply just helping your body heal itself.

Still not convinced?

You may be thinking now. What researched, documented, and proven benefits are there from Western medicine? Good Question! Practising the secrets of ancient Chinese breathing techniques could also... 

Healing with Ki-Kou is translated into a simple practical programme that you can easily use everyday. And it only takes minutes to do. These powerful and secret disease fighting breathing techniques don't require you to change your lifestyle, diet, or beliefs. They're easy to perform, and easier on your joints.

  Yes! I want to learn the secret
Ki-Kou Breathing tecniques.

So act quickly.

Healing with Ki-Kou: The Secrets of Ancient Breathing Techniques is only available for a limited time at this special price. These long-hidden secrets are available to you right now. Besides giving you simple, easy-to-read information on conquering your worst health nightmares. You'll also discover how these secret breathing techniques can be done effortlessly and naturally - every waking moment of your life.

So you're invited to be one of the very first westerners to heal you and your family - with this remarkable healing art

100% Money Back Guarantee! If you’re not 100% completely satisfied with Healing with Ki-Kou, just send it back to me anytime within 30 days. And I'll make sure you receive a full refund. Fair enough?   

Click the “Order Now” button to receive your copy totally risk-free. I assure you, once you start using this life-saving information, you'll start to feel better. Immediately! So don't waste another moment - start healing today.

  Yes! I want to learn the secret
Ki-Kou Breathing tecniques.



Order now as supplies are limited.

Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher - FSP Nutritionals                                              

P.S. This is hands down the simplest, most powerful form of healing we’ve ever seen. And it’s the first time ever that this ancient system of breathing techniques has been made available to Westerners.

P.P.S Remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it.

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